Discover Van Giao and his journey when he chose a paintbrush as his weapon
of war.

The paintings disclose and hide the sufferings well. Van Giao´s water colors of green and brown reflect the war time years, while his use of red, orange and yellow watercolors, the revolutionary times. Van Giao strokes you into this rare collection of 91 gouache paintings to the Avant-guarde cultural realm of ‘Vietnam People and Landscapes’ and why he is one of Vietnam’s National Treasures.
All paintings are in chronological order, original, dated and signed by the honored Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Van Giao. Titles and descriptions by
Van Giao.

Summary by Patricia R Clare »
Owner ‘Vietnam People and Landscapes’ Collection
President of VGArtnam.

Nguyen Van Giao, a ‘National Treasure’ of Vietnam, painted the history of Vietnam.
The historic collection of 91 gouache paintings dates from the period 1946 through 1990.
The paintings portray the French-Japanese occupation, the North-South Division War, and the American-Vietnam War periods, as well as the peaceful moments of Vietnam’s landscapes and people. The collection embodies significant educational value and fosters a broader sense of international understanding and goodwill.
There were several overseas exhibitions of Nguyen Van Giao’s paintings prior to 1945 -India, Burma, Russia, Yugoslavia, Malaysia and Japan.
Several of Van Giao’s paintings were acquired by embassies. The collection is the largest single body of art works/paintings, by one artist, to ever
leave Vietnam.

During hard times, these three paintings were painted on the back of medical charts. No. 60, 72, 73.

Part of Van Giao’s journal illustrating his walking journey,
April 4th, 1949, from the 5th zone to Viet Bac, a revolutionary base.
Then continuing from Lam Dien, Quang Ngai province, arriving
September 18th, 1949, at Yen Ra,
Central Cultural Association headquarters.

The honored and distinguished artist, Nguyen Van Giao,
was perhaps the most important painter of Ho Chi Minh,
the landscapes and the people of Vietnam.

Originally written in Vietnamese February 24, 1991 at 15:00 hours
Translation by Stella Nhung Davis, Notary Public, Vancouver, Canada September 1994

Curatorial essay prepared by Nora Taylor, PhD, Cornell University and Alsdorf Professor of South and Southeast Asian Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. SAIC

created 1957

Van Giao's initials VG displayed with wings soaring upwards carrying the artist's pallet that symbolizes higher learning of fine art.

The people would say, "Van Giao has launched a rocket into the sky that colors down to the earth."


The National Assembly of Vietnam presented this prestigious award honouring
Van Giao, painter and creator, for his contribution to the revolutionary cause
in defending the country and building socialism.

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